Channel Nine has caught the person behind the ‘wardrobe meltdown’ video.

Channel Nine has reportedly found the person responsible for downloading the damaging footage of presenter Amber Sherlock chastising her colleague Julie Snook before going to air. The network is still searching for the person who leaked the video to the media.

The video went viral yesterday. It showed Sherlock severely reproaching Snook for failing to find a jacket before filming started.

Sherlock’s problem was the fact all three women in the segment – Sherlock, Snook and psychologist Sandy Rea – were wearing white. She had asked Snook to find a jacket, Snook said she hadn’t had time. And things escalated rapidly from there.

Her treatment of Snook has been described as “explosive“, “passive aggressive“, and a “tantrum“.

Sherlock (middle) berates Snook (left) as Rea watches on. Image via Twitter

Then, as the show went to air, we saw the plastered-on wide smiles of the three women, trying their best to pretend like nothing had happened.

We should never have seen the footage, clearly it was not meant for viewers, and this morning there were reports of a "witch hunt" to find the producer who leaked the footage to a Sydney news station.

Now, according to The Telegraph, Channel Nine has reportedly found the person responsible for downloading the footage. Meanwhile the investigation into who leaked the footage is ongoing.


“There are only a handful of people who could have been responsible for the video spreading,” a source inside the station told The Telegraph. “It wouldn’t take long to narrow down the source.”

The ramifications of the video being leaked have been huge.

There are reports of Sherlock breaking down in the newsroom after seeing the footage online.

And social media has not been kind:


Reportedly, the station is now considering what action to take.

“It was hugely embarrassing and Amber will be demanding answers,” an inside source told “There’s no doubt that leaking such a video could be a sackable offence. It made one of their star presenters look nuts and petty”.

Sherlock has issued a statement through 9Honey, admitted she "probably overreacted". 

"Live TV can be a pretty stressful beast, at times," she said. "And as anyone knows, it’s never much fun rocking up to work or to a party in the same outfit as one of your colleagues or friends. I probably overreacted with the pressure of presenting a live news bulletin."

And Snook also told the network that her and Sherlock are "good friends", who both happen to love white.

Good friends or not, #PutYourBlazersOnForJulie is currently trending on Twitter.