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"Player got played," Leah left a cryptic message about Davey on her Instagram.

Oh Bachelor in Paradise. We’re only two episodes in, two Bachelors down, and there is already so much to talk about.

For anyone who missed it, during last night’s rose ceremony, the ladies got to choose who they wanted to stay. And as there were seven of them – and only seven roses, obvs – that meant two out of the nine guys hanging around would have to leave Paradise.

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So, while Leah had been on a date with Davey (that included a lacklustre make out session) she opted to give her rose to Mack. And while there had initially been flirting between Flo and Davey, she opted to keep his best mate Jake (probably because Davey chose Leah over her for a date).

Bye, bye, Davey.

Meanwhile, Brett was also eliminated. Funnily enough, no one wanted to date him after discovering he had a girlfriend on the outside who he was hoping would turn up in Fiji to keep him company.

But back to Davey and Leah.

On her Instagram story last night, Leah seemed to suggest there was more behind her decision to swerve Davey than she let on.

Bachelor in Paradise Leah
Interesting... Image: Instagram

"The face when Davey goes home and you know the truth behind it all," she captioned a photo with the hashtag #playergotplayed, followed by a rather cryptic quote: "I'll let you in, if you leave your mask at the door."


Is referring to the fact that Davey was flirting heavily with both her and Flo? And opted to show more interest in Flo after their unsuccessful date?

Or is there something more to it? We need answers!

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