It's on: Liberals call for a spill of leadership positions.

The leadership spill is on. It’s really on.

Update: Scott Morrison has announced he will not contest either leadership position in the spill, ABC reports.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, in a short press conference around 3:30pm, announced Julie Bishop will stand with him in a joint ticket of leader and deputy.

“I want to make this very simple point. We are not the Labor party… and we are not going to repeat the chaos and the instability of the Labor years,” he added.

Previously, Mamamia published:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will face a spill motion against his leadership early next week after West Australian Liberal MP Luke Simpkins emailed party room colleagues to announce he would push for the PM’s leadership to be put to a vote.

The spill motion will be seconded by MP Don Randall, with a third WA Liberal, Dennis Jensen, saying he will support it.

The ABC has been told the MPs called the Prime Minister shortly before sending the email.

In Mr Simpkins’ email he writes that: “In the last two weeks I have been inundated with emails and walk-ins to my Electorate Office all questioning the direction the Government is being led in.

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“The Knighthood issue was for many the final proof of a disconnection with the people.

“These contacts have come from many people that I personally know and are firm supporters – in some cases they are booth workers as well.

“The last time this outpouring of concern happened was when we were being led to support the Rudd Government’s ETS, and faced with this erosion of our base support we acted.

“I think that we must bring this to a head, and test the support of the leadership in the party room.

“As I have said in the past, I have no front bench ambitions. I just want to make sure that the economic vandals do not get back into power and our children and grandchildren are not left to pay Labor’s bill.  I do this because I believe it is in the best interests of the people of our country.”

Mr Simpkins says he has submitted a motion to the Government’s chief whip asking for the spill to be conducted via a secret ballot at Tuesday’s party room meeting.

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Earlier, Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop refused to counsel any colleagues considering moving a spill motion.

This post originally appeared on ABC news and has been republished with permission.