Do you still have a mark from being stabbed by a pencil at school? You're not alone.

If you went to primary school in Australia, there’s a strong chance you’re walking around today with a tattoo.

It’s a tattoo that you share with many of your peers.

But this is no ordinary tattoo.

Nope, it’s a lead pencil mark.

If you were stabbed by a lead pencil back in school, the evidence is probably still there.

After all, once you’ve had a run in with a lead pencil, you’re guaranteed a tattoo for life – because once it’s in there, it’s definitely not coming out.

But it seems we’re not the only ones sporting pesky lead pencil marks.

A Twitter user sent a call-out earlier this week, asking his followers to share the marks they’ve received from lead being embedded in their bodies.

“Hello I’m looking for people who have lead from their pencil stuck inside their bodies,” Twitter user Los wrote.

From hands to legs to even eyes, Twitter users shared their permanent lead pencil tattoos.

Here’s some of the best ones:




Do you have a lead pencil ‘tattoo’? Let us know in the comments.

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