Lea Michele shares the beauty treatment many women won't admit to.

Lea Michele: we love you.

The star of Glee jumped on Snapchat over the weekend and gave us a sneak peek into her beauty routine. Salad, gym class, and uh, facial hair removal.

In a move that would have most women squealing in horror, Lea snapped herself getting her eyebrows and moustache waxed at home on Sunday morning. Makeup free. Moustache. Wow.

[Image via Snapchat]

With the hashtag #moustache plastered over a shot of her having the hot wax applied to her lip (are your eyes watering yet?) Lea still managed to joke with her fans.

"This is the real beauty, you guys," she says with a wry grin,"this is what happens when you're half Jewish, half Italian!"

[Image via Snapchat]


[Image via Snapchat]

Under the careful hand of 'brow genius' Stevi Christine, Lea also had her picture-perfect brows tidied up, wincing as she said, "This is going to hurt really bad...." Oh Lea. We so totally feel your pain.

Although, to be honest - them brows are looking particularly lush at the moment! (Stevi really needs to share her secrets on how she plumped up Lea's previously skinny eyebrows...)


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But we couldn't be prouder of Lea for blowing the lid off the 'secret' beauty regime most women keep.

Yep, it's packed full of the not-so-nice activities that we never really talk about - underarm shaving and vagina waxing and hair bleaching and cuticle snipping. Or as I like to call it, 'panel beating'.

Men don't seem to have an qualms when it comes to yelping about getting their back, sack and/or crack waxed; yet when it comes to admitting we have a *tiny* moustache that needs waxing, women clam up. It's taboo.

Well, let's own it like Lea: WOMEN. HAVE. FACIAL. HAIR.

(Facial hair that bloody hurts to wax, too.)


Wax on, wax off, sister.

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