See the dodgy photoshop job that got this 'celebrity' lawyer suspended.

A lawyer in California has been suspended for six months, after she was busted photoshopping herself into dozens of pictures with random celebrities.

Svitlana Sangary quite clearly knew the power a few good celebrity friends could bring. And while she didn’t actually have any celebrity friends per se, she did have some mad photoshopping skills.

And everybody knows that:

No Celebrity Friends + Mad Photoshopping Skills = Many Celebrity ‘Friends’

All pics are via Svitlana’s website, which is still live right here.

The Californian State Bar Association considered the photos to be false advertising, and suspended Svitlana’s license to practice law for 6 months.

Look out for her teaching a photoshopping class at the local community centre. Coming soon.

via Jezebel and TMZ

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