Dirty rotten cheater evicted from Big Brother house.


Hey Lawson from Big Brother, here’s an idea: Don’t go on national television and cheat on your beautiful girlfriend.

And hey! Here’s another one you can have for free: Don’t expect any sympathy from the Australian public when you do.

Obviously, Lawson totally disregarded that advice – just like the feelings of his lovely long-term partner, Candice. Lawson got it on with fellow housemate Cat while he was there – there was love, possibly sex, lots of questionable spa time. And for his sins, he just got booted from the house.

Lawson with his in-house lover, 31-year-old Cat.

Unsurprisingly, his heartbroken girlfriend, Candice Leeder, did not turn up to the Gold Coast studios to watch this cheating sleezeball leave the house. We can only assume she was somewhere peaceful throwing darts at a picture of his face, cursing his name, and hopefully making out with some sort of delightful stud.

We all know that evictees from the BB house must face host Sonia Kruger‘s questions. As soon as he left the house, she asked the 23-year-old all the questions that we’ve ever wanted to know. Like, what were you thinking? Seriously, what’s up with you? Did you know what you were doing was wrong? Are you going to call your girlfriend? What are you going to say?

Obviously, he tried to make us feel sorry for him. It was regret, regret, sadness, regret, etc etc etc.

Here’s Remorseful Cheating WeaselFace Thing To Say #1:

“I didn’t expect to have any feelings for Cat. I started to just feel things for her and I’ve been struggling ever since. I know that what I’ve done is bad but I was stuck in a rut. I’d feel bad and then I’d go to Cat and she’d make me feel better.”

Lawson and his real-life girlfriend, Candice Leeder.


And, #2:

“I’m not a stupid person but I know that what I’ve done is wrong. I’m just going to have to stand up and cop those things on the chin and take responsibility…. You can’t live with regrets. My only position I would change is my relationship status when I went into the House because I’ve broken someone else’s heart.”


Lawson and Cat declaring their feelings for each other in a private moment that was publicised on air. 

Sonia threw to a home viewer question, that asked the perfect question. “What do you think Candice will say?”

This was his insightful take on that: “I think she’s going to be disappointed. I don’t have a bad word to say about her. She’s a lovely person and she definitely didn’t deserve this,” he said.

AH YEAH. NO SHE DIDN’T. No one deserves to sit at home watching their boyfriend cheat on them on live television. Not even Justin Bieber.

But Lawson continued: “She deserves a chance to tell me how she feels and have the opportunity to end things and I want the opportunity to apologise. There’s nothing I can do about it. I fell for someone in the House. I just followed my heart.”

The evictee said he has tried calling Candice, but she won’t pick up. Understandably.

Crying to Big Brother about his affair. CRY US A RIVER, LAWSON.

There’s another eviction in the Big Brother house tonight and Cat’s one of the favourites to leave. If she does, Sonia’s told her there will be someone waiting for her when she leaves the house.

The betrayed ex-girlfriend of her lover? Unlikely. It will probably just be a Cat/Lawson/Clawson reunion. But we can dream.