Why we didn't actually see Laurina leave on last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise ended with Laurina Fleure walking away from producers, and stating she wanted to leave.

Earlier in the night, the 34-year-old was presented with a date card, and was told she would have to leave for the date in 10 minutes.

But Laurina had not had a shower, and was part way through a face mask – so the idea she would be going on a date immediately was frankly ridiculous.

She also declared she didn’t “like anybody here,” so would prefer to go to sleep – which is the truest commentary of dating we’ve perhaps ever heard.

Moments after the episode finished, Laurina posted on Instagram confirming she had left paradise.


Laurina wrote: “The truth behind that reaction was that I had lost my big brother a month before.

“I thought I could escape to Paradise and run away.. but.., like love – pain – is an emotion that needs to move through you, it craves expression and acknowledgement, and I couldn’t push it down longer, I needed to go home and allow myself to grieve the loss of my beautiful brother – Michael Shaun Fitzgerald.”

Strangely, however, we weren’t actually shown Laurina leaving paradise, but just threatening to do so.

In an interview this morning with Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny, Laurina said: “I don’t know why they didn’t show that, they must not have had time for it.”

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She explained she did have a “big D & M with Osher,” where she said she felt as though she was taking up space and didn’t genuinely like anyone she had met so far.

“He said do you think you could fall in love in paradise and I answered ‘no’ almost immediately,” she said.

Osher suggested she had answered her own question.

He then put her in a taxi, and she left. And that was that.

Since leaving Bachelor in ParadiseLaurina has announced she has a new boyfriend.

“I’m now madly in love with someone who is every single thing that I put on that list and I really believe, a lot, that if you connect with life and with God that your prayers will be answered,” she told Fairfax