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Laurina Fleure wasn't chosen for The Bachelorette because she's too "ambitious".

Laurina was almost the Bachelorette.

Laurina Fleure‘s back doing what she does best: detonating truth bombs.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love us some Sam Frost. She is an excellent woman.

We really had a soft spot for Laurina, though. The straight-talker was just so damn watchable.

Laurina Fleure. Image via Instagram.

Which begs the question: why wasn’t she chosen as the Bachelorette?

Well, it seems she didn’t walk the company line for the show’s production company, Shine.

“They wanted me to bullshit them and say, ‘No, no, my single, only priority in life is finding love’, and I couldn’t tell them what they wanted to hear,” she told

Here is Laurina being Laurina. Post continues after gallery.

She was just too “ambitious”, she said.

And if you think anyone who is appearing on The Bachelor, or The Bachelorette, is in it just for love, you’re dreamin’.

Laurina on The Bachelor.

“It’s this whole taboo thing. You have to bullshit and say, ‘Oh no, I’m just a numpty who only wants to be on this completely personally exposing experience to find love.’ If anything, I think you seem like a bit of a naff if you’ve got that mentality.”

Ha! People don’t say numpty enough these days.

Laurina is now dating this guy, whose name is Lewis Romano. He would never try and make her eat dirty street pie.

Fleure made it as far as an interview and was asked to explain how the show would convince the public that she was in it to find love and not just to promote her fashion business.

“And I said, ‘What’s wrong with admitting that you get other good perks out of an experience like that?’ I’m not ashamed to admit that.”

Nor should you be, you noble truth-speaker.

Check out some of Laurina’s finest works as a model.

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