The glorious Laurina is sharing photos of a serious scar.

Oh, how we love Laurina Fleure.

In fact, we hoped we’d be seeing her on-screen this year on The Bachelorette, but she was robbed pipped at the post by Sam Frost.

But now we know that Fleure’s had bigger worries than the twisted love-icosagon (that’s a 20-sided figure, don’t you know) of the reality series, as documented on her Instagram account.

She’s had a twisted intestine, also known as an adhesion, and underwent a serious operation to correct it, which left her bedridden for two months.

Laurina Fleure shows off her impressive scar after surgery. Image via Instagram.

It’s difficult to wear a cocktail dress and bestow roses upon hopeful suitors when you’re laid-up with pain “worse than a gunshot wound”.

“When I was a baby I had a twisted intestine, which is pretty much a bowel obstruction, and because the intestine twists up nothing can pass through and you get really bad cramps and inflammation,” she told the Daily Mail.

“They cut me open and I have this big scar on my tummy since I was a baby but for some reason 30 years later the scar tissue inside my gut from that operation caused another adhesion.”

Fleure on The Bachelor 2014.

She was slouched over from the pain and gained weight, but she’s on the road to recovery.

As for the impressive scar down her front, Laurina’s not bothered.

“Every time I go to the beach I cover it with zinc to sort of protect it from going darker but now I don’t really care. If my tummy is in good shape then it’s kinda sexy to have a GI-Jane style [scar].”

Let’s all relive the glory that is Laurina with a look back at the ad that should have made her famous:

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