Laurina from Bachelor in Paradise is in love... just not with anyone from the show.

Laurina Fleure is gone from Bachelor in Paradise and though her exit on last night’s episode was spectacular, the reason behind it – her grief after her brother’s suicide – is certainly sobering.

There is good news, however, for the 34-year-old who pleaded with Osher to allow her to leave Fiji five months ago as the show was being filmed.

“I have met someone wonderful and I am very in love,” she told Mamamia in a recent interview.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey.

We watched Laurina search for love first on the 2014 season of The Bachelor with Blake Garvey. We saw saw her appear on the 2016 season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

And, more recently, we’ve cheered as she eliminated “creepy sleaze” Daniel Maguire on Bachelor in Paradise.

But her new lover is not from any reality TV show, she’s confirmed – though she won’t reveal his identity, yet.

“I’m now madly in love with someone who is every single thing that I [wanted] and I really believe, a lot, that if you connect with life and with God that your prayers will be answered,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I literally made a huge list to the universe [about what I want], and just like Mary Poppins — you know how they write that list for the nanny and then they throw it up the chimney and the next minute she arrives — it was very much like that.”

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Speaking to Mamamia, Laurina said she thought appearing on Bachelor in Paradise would offer an escape for her grief after her brother, 36-year-old Michael Shaun Fitzgerald, suicided a month before filming started.

She left the show when she realised she had to “go home and grieve”.

“I just needed to go home and grieve. I lost my brother to suicide a month before going on the show and at that point, I realised I really just needed to go,” she told Mamamia.

“I initially thought going on the show would be a good form of escapism; if I fell in love there, then maybe I wouldn’t feel all the pain that I was suppressing.”

Still keeping quiet about the identity of her new love, Laurina said she’s “come along way” from the emotional reaction we saw last night, that was filmed five months ago.

“It’s beautiful. I have come a long way,” she told Mamamia.

“I am learning to connect with life more than I ever have. Experiencing pain opens up your heart to experience more love.”