The $8.95 face cream Laurina Fleure is obsessed with.

When she’s not wrestling snakes in the jungle or dealing with ‘dirty street pies‘, Laurina Fleure is busy running her fashion site Pialia.Co.

If you were one of the thousands of Australians who watched her on The Bachelor or I’m a Celebrity, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that this is one lady who knows a thing or two about beauty — and she’s not one to hide her secrets.

From her many daily makeup essentials to the beauty treatments and procedures she shares by, Laurina gave us a detailed run-down of her daily routine. Trust us when we say you’ll want to take notes.

The Morning Routine

“First thing I do when I wake up, after a 10 minute snooze/cuddle with Lewis [Romano, Laurina’s boyfriend], is pop the kettle on and make a cup of Earl Grey tea with honey.

“I wash my face with a standard gentle face wash. I’ll use any brand that is standard off the shelf, I’m not too fussy.

“If I am going for a walk I’ll apply Hamilton tinted 50+ cream ($8.95), then Laura Mercier loose mineral powder with SPF 30 ($40) to protect my pigmentation. I recently underwent a Mesoestetic Dermamelan pigmentation peel from Victorian Dermal Group, and I am very anal about any UV on my face so I can protect the results.


“I have to wash my hair nearly every day. I buy Goldwell shampoo ($50) and conditioner ($50) from the hair wholesalers in Richmond Hair Health and Beauty. I use Kevin Murphy Body Building Mousse ($38.95) on the roots and then I use Cloud 9 The O Hot Rollers ($29). I also use a mini crimper on my roots if I need extra volume.”

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Makeup Time

“If I am dolling up, I will begin with prepping my eyes with La Prairie concealer. I recently discovered, and am loving, Bare Minerals’ Rescue Complexion ($46) — it’s a lightweight tinted hydrating cream with amazing coverage for how light it is. I mix this with Nars Sheer Glow liquid foundation ($71).

“I coat my eyelids with a bone coloured Nars eyeshadow ($39), and highlight under my eyes with MAC Prep and Prime ($45). I use Chantecaille rouge  ($20.50) and a champagne/gold highlighter, and the Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow ($78) palette by Too Faced — the best blending shadows I have ever owned.

“I finish with La Prairie lipstick colour in Tawny ($65). It has their caviar cream inside and is incredibly light and smooth and just a very sexy natural colour, like a mix of rose and cinnamon. I mix it with MAC liner in Whirl ($30).

  A peek into Laurina's beauty supplies. (Image: Supplied.)  

"For touchups I use the MAC blotting powder ($26) as it's lightweight and doesn't become cakey, it just covers shine. If I do reapply my makeup it will usually be extra foundation around my mouth before reapplying lipstick, as it can start to look a bit manky if this area thins out or if you eat something greasy."  

Daily Essentials and Budget Buys

"I have gone back three times to purchase a very impressive mascara I bought from Mecca Cosmetica — it's called Lash Domination by Bare Minerals ($28). It's everything I want in a mascara.

"My favourite perfume is Called Opulent by Reve ($155) — it's at Mecca and it's fabulous and quite unique. It is quite a boutique, original French fragrance and it's got this super refined bottle and light sparkling notes. I also love J'adore ($99), Armani Mania ($105) and Elie Saab ($95) as my signature favourites — all sparkling notes.

"The bare essentials I take with me in my hand bag would be MAC lipliner in Whirl, and MAC blotting powder and blotting tissues. And a lip gloss — I like to touch up lips and I like to control shine."


The Nightly Routine

"I like to wash my face as soon as possible — I will wash my face, on average, three times per day. I am a bit of a cleanser slut — whatever is going, I don't mind. As long as it's not a bar of soap, although I will make an exception for Dove. I have a bunch of cleansers that I am trying to finish at the moment, most of them are pigment control by Aspect ($111.60).

"I enjoy having nourishing creams on. If I'm at home I'm bare-faced immediately and lathering moisturisers and serums — unless I think I might get lucky with Lewis, in which case I might loiter around dollied up for a while.

"I will be more likely to use Vitamin C serum at night, because it's not always a flattering primer for during the day, followed by Medik8 moisturising serum ($79), then put Trilogy Rosehip Night Cream ($35.99) on top of that. Then I will finish with Complete Eye renewal balm by Algenist ($95), the best eye cream I have ever had.

You know a cream is good when your boyfriend uses it. (Image supplied.)

"I also just discovered the nicest Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum ($89) by Josie Maran — it's unbelievable. Even Lewis was convinced to stop using his $12 OLAY for it, he loves it also.


"I always put cream on my face when I go to bed [as a bedtime ritual]. I love products and I collect them, and then it gets a bit hectic and I end up using eight different products in one day. Sometimes I go and wash my face just so I can reapply creams and use more."

Beauty Treatments and Procedures

"I was having weekly Q-Switch lasers from Vic Dermal Group. They really plumped my collagen and refined my pores, but most importantly they dissolve and manage pigmentation and melasma. You feel proper 'A-game' glow and youthful plump for a good week or so.

"I get regular Botox around my eyes, and I change it up on my forehead each time.

Laurina Fleure beauty

Laurina arriving at the Logie Awards last month. (Image: Getty)

"Sometimes I like to rock out a completely natural, moving, creasing forehead — I can't stand a waxy, shiny forehead — and other times I will go a few Botox units to smooth it. I like to keep it as natural as possible. Other times, I only do my frown lines."

"At home, I always do a super fine crystal facial scrub at least one a week, just a DIY one in the shower, to maintain a polished complexion."

What does your daily routine look like?

Featured image: Instagram/@laurinafleure