All hail Queen Lenora. That is all.

We didn’t come here for long. No, not very long at all.

It’s just that, you see, we’d like to petition for Bachelor In Paradise‘s Laurina – ahem, Lenora – to be made PM after this:

“Towards the end of the cocktail party, Daniel sits there and he looks at me, and he says the most slimy, chauvinistic, derogatory comment. I realised that this guy’s not really having a healthy effect on the environment here. You give me the creeps, mate. American Jared seems like a really loving person and I think he’d be awesome to keep around in Paradise.”

HAHA. HAHAHA! Daniel. Naw. No one liked you.

Daniel – the dude who liked to refer to the other contestants as “boring”,  like “watching paint dry” and the women as “things” you “take” – was unceremoniously booted from the show after Laurina had a little realisation: This guy needs to get in the bin.

Oh, and even more so after his parting comments:

“Am I upset or heartbroken that I’m leaving? No. I’m more upset that I didn’t get to work out in the gym. A lot of these ladies are getting kind of stale, you know? Stale bread. I’m not losing. I’m not losing. I’ve slept with lots of beautiful women. And so, I mean, it’s not like I’m losing out, like I said. I’m not hurt by any means.”


Michelle Andrews and I recap all of last week’s ridiculousness of Bachelor in Paradise:

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