Is Lauren the greatest villain MKR has ever seen?

It’s possible that South Australia’s Lauren is the least popular My Kitchen Rules contestant of all time – and that’s saying something. (Do the names “Zana” and “Jessica” ring any bells?)

Last night, Lauren hit peak reality TV villain – and we’ve collected the four most confronting moments.

1. When she couldn’t stop with the eye rolls.

Oh god, the eye rolls. How does she hold a conversation when her eyes are moving so rapidly inside her head? Can she even see the food?

eye roll lauren mkr

2. When she was “just being honest” about her opinions. 

Confronted by the other teams about why she was being so, well, mean, Lauren fell back on the age-old defence: At least I’m saying it in public, not behind closed doors! I’m just being honest!

I’m going to say it now: some opinions belong behind closed doors. The nasty ones.

3. When she “tooted her own horn”.


Lauren’s clearly been taught that modesty is a virtue. Actually being modest, however, is apparently a different question.

Sadly, she doesn’t seem to have learn an equally vital life lesson: if you talk the talk, you have to be prepared to walk the walk.

Or, as one scathing viewer pointed out on MKR’s Facebook page, “if you are as good in the kitchen cooking as loud as your mouth is at the dinner table you wouldn’t be sitting in redemption round.”

Would you like some ice with that burn, Lauren?

4. When she said “da bomb”. 

No, Lauren. Just no.

5. When she said she had a crush on Pete and Manu. 

Okay, perhaps the only person she offended here were the viewers. But Pete and Manu are ours, Lauren! OURS! You stay away from them!

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