"I'm just glad to still be here." Lauren Huxley talks about her survival almost 10 years after her attack.

Lauren Huxley before she was attacked (left), and today on the cover of “Sunday Style” (right). (Source: Fairfax, Instagram.)

It’s been 10 years since then-teenager Lauren Huxley was violently attacked in her home in Sydney’s Northmead, set alight and left for dead.

Now 28, Huxley has shown incredible resilience and optimism and is living her life to the fullest.

Speaking to NewsCorp’s Sunday Style magazine, she spoke about not being the type to cry, “why me?’.

“It makes you more appreciative. It changed my life in that way – I got through it. I’m just so glad to be here,” she explained.

Lauren Huxley, right, with her sister Simone Huxley, at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards in 2008, where she was voted "Most Inspirational Female". (Source: Getty.)

Huxley spent three and a half weeks in a coma and seven months in a rehabilitation program. Having been on the brink of death, Huxley had to re-learn how to do even the most basic of things, such as walking, eating and speaking.

Within five years she underwent nine major surgeries. Huxley will never have the same cognitive function as she had prior to her attack, but her mother Christine says it's her optimism that's kept her strong.

“Lauren is very positive. She’s amazing… She’s very determined. If she wants to do something, you won’t stop her.”

Huxley has no recollection of the attack that left her fighting for her life and it's something she's grateful for. (Post continues after video.)

"It's a relief. A friend once said to me it's like my brain is protecting me from having to relive that traumatic experience," she explains.

Almost a decade after the attack, Huxley is set on experiencing everything life has to offer. She's been employed by a bank as a clerical assistant since 2010, and, with a passion for travel, she plans to visit Europe and the US.

“There’s beauty in the way that I’m just able to do things. I’m still able to get out there and do what I want. I do boot camp and yoga. I catch up with friends and have drinks with them. I’m still able to travel, drive my car,” she reflects.

Huxley has been dating this year and hopes to "settle down", get married and have children one day.

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