Lauren Graham was advised not to play Lorelai Gilmore for a pretty disappointing reason.

We don’t mean to alarm you, but the Lorelai Gilmore we all know and love almost didn’t exist.

Yep, somewhere in an alternate universe there’s a Stars Hollow that’s devoid of Lauren Graham’s signature fast talking, coffee swilling, hamburger eating personality.

Some other woman is dropping Rory off to her first day at Chilton and having an on again/off again relationship with Luke.

Graham, the actress who plays our favourite TV mum, recently told Variety she was originally encouraged not to take on the role.

lauren graham lorelai gilmore role
NOOOOOOO. Image via The CW.

And the reason was all about her age.

“At the time, everyone in my peer group saw it as sort of a ‘mom’ role predominantly, and there was all sorts of discussion,” explained Graham.

“I was, what 31 or 32, and you know, it was a bad idea to play a mom to a teenager and that would it ‘age me,’ and I just never — that is not the first thing I thought of. Or the third thing! I just thought, ‘This is a great relationship and a world I wanted to spend time in.'”

Thankfully, Graham didn't listen to her advisers and instead followed her gut - straight to Luke's Diner.

"I remember reading somewhere that Christopher Reeves said he knew a part was right for him when he just couldn't stand the idea of anyone else doing it, and that's how I felt about Lorelai," she explained.

"I can't think of another time where I felt that strongly," she said. "And what I didn't realise at the time was how rare that connection is - it's really like meeting someone and falling in love at first sight."

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We CANNOT thank the Gods of Stars Hollow enough that Graham fell in love with the place as much as we did.