Lauren Brant: 'I just paid for the father of my unborn baby to jump out of a plane.'

If I had to describe myself throughout my life, the words ‘fearless’, ‘adventure’ and ‘spontaneity’ were always used. I have grown up doing everything and anything I could to get that adrenaline rush.

Luckily for me, I was able to feel it walking out on stage to perform and when they called “Rolling!” on set. I didn’t quite have to cliff jump or travel at excessive speeds in a car (but I wouldn’t have said no).

When I met my partner Barry, we had this in common and it made us what we are today.

Jumping on a plane to be able to have dinner together, and making the most of the short quality time we had while dating from different states. I found my absolute soul mate in him, we knew that we would spend our future ticking off our bucket list, having fun and making the most of life. The only life we knew.

Then, we got pregnant.

lauren brant motherly worry
"I found my absolute soul mate in him." Image via Instagram.

A moment which brought us to tears of happiness. We found that the travel and activities weren’t the highlights of our weeks anymore, it was the appointment at the obstetrician when we got to see our little baby.

The biggest adrenaline rush wasn’t sought from pushing the boundaries, but from hearing the sound of our baby’s heart beat.

Then recently, Barry turned the big four-zero and I thought I would organise a week absolutely jam packed full of activities with his closest friends and family. I was OK with him tumbling around during bubble soccer and coming home with circular welts from skirmish but it was when he went sky-diving that I realised I had caught the dreaded bug of fear.


I have been skydiving before and had butterflies, but when I took Barry, I was more nervous than any of the divers. I had just paid for the father of my unborn baby to jump out of a plane. WHAT? In three months, I will have a little child seeking Daddy’s love and I just purposely put that at risk? I didn’t anticipate feeling that way and when I did it was so strange to me.

It is no longer only myself that I need to worry about, it's my little family too and it's already happening in so many ways. Not only do I care for Barry, I fear for him. Not only am I entirely in love with this little bump on my stomach, but I would never do anything to jeopardise the healthy growth of our child and if I don’t feel movement for a short period of time, I demand a response from rubbing my stomach to make sure everything is OK.

I have already thought about the fact that one day our child will want to live life to its fullest like Barry and I, jumping out of planes and taking on any and every activity possible.

The fearless footballer who took three days off after birth on I Don't Know How She Does It. 

Right now, I'm creating a line of bubble wrap clothing! But I know I’m just going to have to let our children live their lives and even encourage them to ‘go for it’ and just accept the fact that I have inherited ‘motherly worry.’ A condition that used to annoy me in my own mother (and still does at times, honestly do I have to text you of a safe arrival EVERY TIME I get in my car?) which I now totally understand.

Move over care-free Lauren, Mama Lauren is here and ready to roll in full form.

Lauren Brant and partner Barry Hall publicly announced they were expecting a baby in December last year. Brant is documenting her pregnancy journey with Mamamia. 

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