Pregnant netball champion Laura Geitz shares the parenting technique she’ll be relying on.

Ex-captain of the Queensland Firebirds and netball royalty Laura Geitz has only gone from strength to strength since announcing her retirement from the competitive sport last year.

With only several weeks of her pregnancy to go, the sportswoman is now ready for her next big challenge: motherhood. She’s also just signed on as the first ambassador for Carzoos.

We caught up with Laura to talk about how she’s been finding the rollercoaster that is pregnancy, the one parenting technique she and her husband will definitely be implementing and how she stays motivated. 

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Congrats on your new ambassadorship with Carzoos, can you tell us a bit about it?

“I am thrilled to be on board as the first ambassador for Carzoos, this new and exciting concept has been created as an entirely new way to buy and sell cars, particularly for females. Most women can find the experience of buying or selling a car an intimidating and stressful one. (Post continues after video.)

“Carzoos offers to take away all the pain points associated with this anxious time by replacing the car-yard experience with an innovative retail store found in shopping centres and staffed with friendly folk to make your experience of buying or selling a car a positive one.”  

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You’re pregnant and expecting in March, congrats! How did you keep it a secret from your teammates?

“It was difficult to keep my pregnancy a secret from my teammates leading into the finals but I didn’t want it to become a distraction to the girls. We had set out on a journey to win the ANZ Championships for 2016 and I wanted to ensure that was the focus and main priority for the team at all times.
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Will you be encouraging your child to play a team sport? 

“This is something that myself and my husband Mark believe very strongly in. We will absolutely be encouraging our child to lead a very healthy and active lifestyle, particularly in terms of playing a team sport. If that’s not netball or rugby (our chosen sports) then that’s completely fine as I am a firm believer that a child needs to make up their own mind on what they enjoy and what sport they are passionate about.

“To me team sport teaches an individual so much. There is an element of discipline, not letting your teammates down, working towards a common goal with others and realising that you are a part of something that’s a lot bigger than just yourself! I could go on all day about the benefits of playing a team sport but one thing is for certain and that is that our child will definitely be involved in some form of team sport.”


What are the most surprising symptoms you’ve had since being pregnant?

“I have been relatively lucky throughout my pregnancy. Apart from experiencing some illness in the first trimester up until 14 weeks, I have felt healthy and happy. Maybe the most challenging aspect for me has been not being able to train at the intensity that I have been used to in the past but I have quickly learnt to adapt and embrace this amazing experience of being pregnant.”

Which of your captain and netball skills will you be relying on in motherhood?

“As many people continue to tell me, motherhood is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs you can undertake. I think of what similarities link motherhood and netball and I would have to say that the ability to become adaptable and understand that not always is everything in your control.

“On the netball court during a game or training you are faced with certain situations that are completely out of your control and you just have to react in the best way possible, I think it sounds as though motherhood could be a little similar in some respects.”