The Bachelor's Laura Byrne has addressed all those lingering Georgia Love comparisons.

Ever since the beginning of this year’s season, The Bachelor contestant Laura Byrne has been labelled by viewers and media as ‘out-going’, ‘down-to-earth’, ‘bubbly’, on occasions ‘the front-runner’ and, persistently, a ‘look-alike’.

From day one, the 30-year-old jewellery designer has been consistently compared in looks to the former Bachelorette Georgia Love.

This year’s Bachelor Matty J was vying for Love’s heart in last year’s The Bachelorette, which has led to speculation that Byrne is his favourite because she most closely resembles his former flame. Because, OF COURSE.

Now, Byrne herself has addressed these claims, calling the comparison a “compliment” in an Instagram discussion with fans.

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“Did you know you get likened to Georgia Love and Kate Middleton quite a bit? I think you look more like Kate including mannerisms (a compliment!),” an Instagram user commented on one of Byrne’s latest snaps.

“Haha, I’ve heard it on the grape vine,” Byrne responded. “There are definitely worse people in the world to be compared to. I think it’s a compliment too.”

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Just like that, she’s ended the discussion with class and shut down anyone who might be using the comparison to have a dig.

If Byrne wins, it’ll have nothing to do with who she ‘looks like’. It’ll be down to one thing and one thing only: Herself as a person.