Bachelor winner Laura Byrne just had a major haircut inspired by our latest Netflix obsession.

Haircuts and colours inspired by the world’s favourite TV shows are nothing new.

Who could forget the iconic ‘Rachel’ from Friends that dominated the 90s and early noughties?

Or the hundreds of thousands of women who spent hours every morning trying to recreate Farrah Fawcett’s perfectly feathered flip from Charlie’s Angels?

Pamela Anderson even inspired early a whole generation of women to bleach their hair to oblivion.

But thanks to Laura Byrne, who won Matty J’s heart on the most recent season of The Bachelor, we’ve been introduced to the latest style heading to salons around the world.

And it’s all thanks to a new Netflix hit… one that is admittedly much, much darker than Friends or Baywatch.

Sharing a pic on Instagram of her new fringe, the 30-year-old said she had been inspired after watching Jessica Biel on The Sinner.

laura byrne new fringe
Image via Instagram.

"Binge watched the entire season of The Sinner and went out and got myself a fringe because my Jessica Biel girl crush is real," she wrote alongside a snap of her new hair.

"Thanks to the amazing scissor wielding man @_willomina @chrishunter_willomina for not turning me into a poodle."

In The Sinner, Jessica Biel plays a young mother who kills someone in public, but has no idea why. It's dark... very dark.

jessica biel in the sinner
Jessica Biel in The Sinner. Image via Netflix.

Sometimes, when you're left with that empty feeling when the credits roll on the final episode of a series, you want to do everything you can to hold onto that TV magic.

Even if it means hauling yourself to the nearest salon for a hair transformation.

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Laura's fans were quick to share how much they loved her new look... and the show that inspired it.

"Wow, fantastic looks incredible!" one friendly fan wrote.

"Loved the The Sinner too and watched the whole lot in a weekend, so good," another shared.

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