Laura Byrne and Matty J welcome their second child, and damn she looks just like Marlie-Mae.

Well, this is a delightful little Thursday night treat for us all.

Laura Byrne and Matty J, of Bachelor fame and hilarious Instagram game, have just announced the arrival of their second child. And she's a cutie!

Shocking precisely everyone who thought that Laura still had a while to go, the couple (who are currently engaged) took to Instagram to share their exciting news.

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Proud dad Matt was quick to mention that everyone was convinced that they were having a little boy, so it was a lovely surprise when a baby girl rocked up instead.

"Everyone from your Mum, your Nana, the neighbour and even the postman thought you were going to be a boy. Playing pranks on us all already.. I love it! I also love that I’m now well and truly outnumbered by 3 beautiful and rambunctious girls at home. Welcome to the family," he shared on Instagram.

And what about the name?

Okay, okay... we'll tell you. 

This little muffin is called Lola Ellis Johnson.

So far, we don't know the meaning behind her name, but we're sure that'll come soon. Especially as the couple opted for a sentimental name for their first (Marlie-Mae) which was a combination of their grandmother's names. 


Now mum-of-two, Laura, also shared a welcome note to Instagram with a collection of snaps from the hospital. Here's what she had to say:

"Welcome to the world my precious little Lola Ellis Johnson.

"I said I would eat my own poop if you were a girl, and yet HERE YOU ARE! Already teaching me the worldly life lessons that come with being a mama - such as, just because I feel something to be true (in my waters) doesn’t mean it is and not to make promises to @matthewdavidjohnson that I 100% do not intend on keeping.

"You are perfection. You are dynamite. We love you and your 95 percentile head endlessly."


We can't wait to see the no-doubt incoming video of Marlie-Mae meeting her brand new sister!

But in the meantime, why not have a listen to Laura on her Mamamia podcast? We know you want to...

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