The Bachelor's Laura responds to suggestions she's the spitting image of Georgia Love.

When The Bachelor‘s Laura Bryne stepped out of the limo, her hands dressed in her own jewels, she put herself front and centre in the competition for Matty’s heart.

Today, she’s one of the favourites, if not the favourite, to take away the crown.

But interestingly, from the moment she stepped onto our screens, quiet murmurings have fixated on one common thread: Does she look…maybe…a little bit… like Georgia Love? Also known as the woman who broke Matty’s heart in the last season of The Bachelorette?

In conjunction the Georgia Love lookalike claims, others believe she looks a little bit like The Duchess of Cambridge, too.

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So, a kind fan decided to ask Bryne about it, in the comments section of her latest Instagram post.


“Did you know you get likened to Georgia Love and Kate Middleton quite a bit? I think you look more like Kate including mannerisms (a compliment!),” the user wrote.

Byrne was swift – and gracious – in her response:

“Haha heard it on the grape vine. There are definitely worse people in the world to be compared to. I think it’s a compliment too,” she wrote.

Forever the classy one, it would seem. Perhaps another reason she is so likely to be the last one standing.

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