A tissue exploded all over your clothes in the washing machine? Here's a simple solution.

There’s only one thing worse than accidentally washing a pink sock with your load of whites.

Yep, it’s leaving a tissue in the pocket of your pants, and discovering that it’s somehow managed to cover ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES during the washer’s rinse and spin cycle.

As tempting as it is to just put the affected clothes in a huge pile and just set them on fire, there is now another way.

And… it’s surprisingly easy.

washing hack
BURN THEM ALL...or just try this. Image via Getty.

According to Better Homes and Gardens the answer lies in your medicine cabinet.

Yep, adding aspirin to a machine will fizz away all your tissue angst.

According to the magazine, you can either add four aspirin to the inside of the machine before re-washing the clothes, or dissolve aspirin into a bucket of hot water and soak for a few hours, depending on how many items of clothing are affected.

washing soaking
Soak, my pretties. Image via Getty.

And tissues aren't the only laundry drama that can be solved with a little bit of the common pain killer: they can also rid your clothes of those pesky underarm stains.

You know, the yellow ones that ruin an otherwise perfectly good white T-shirt?

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Turns out, making a paste with crushed aspirin and water and spreading it on the stain will help.

Let it sit on the stain for a few minutes, before rinsing the paste off and laundering as normal.

Thank you, aspirin, for saving us from these (metaphorical) laundry headaches.

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