The latest wedding dress trend is not-safe-for-church.

Let’s just say you want to invest in some very pretty nude underwear.

The pushy store woman will tell you that it can make or break your ENTIRE wedding.

Your mum (and potentially mother-in-law plus grandmothers) will tell you that you only look good in tulle. Lots of tulle.

Your best friend will say you look terrible in tulle and lovely in cellulite-showing satin.

And if you’re anything like I was, you will think most wedding dresses are just plain ugly.

But wedding dress shopping has just been taken to a WHOLE different level. The nude kind. By the way, I’m not talking about the illusion of nudity or the colour nude, I’m talking naked nude.

Trends like these make me grateful I am married.

In the New York Spring 2016 Bridal show, the wedding trend was…you guessed it…nakedness.

While we’ve seen a little bit of flesh creep into bridal fashion over the years, backless dresses, cut outs, deep-deep V’s, wedding dress designer Vera Wang went one more step.

Check out the Vera Wang Spring 2016 wedding fashion... (post continues after video)

Okay, look, I don't hate these dresses. They are very very pretty. Only a few problems.

They don't leave much to the imagination. I'm talking about your wedding guests' imaginations, not your groom's.

They definitely won't be allowed in a church ceremony.

You really have to love nude undies, and love showing off nude undies.

You need to invest in some good quality nipple coverage.

And well...if your dad is walking you down the aisle...that's a lot of awkward.

My only question is...which came first. The naked wedding dresses? Or the naked Met Gala dresses we've recently seen on the red carpet?

Beyonce. Met Gala 2015.
Beyonce. Met Gala 2015.
Donatella Versace and Jennifer Lopez. Met Gala 2015.
Kim Kardashian. Met Gala 2015.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Met Gala 2015.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery for stills from the Vera Wang Bridal ad, and in the comments below, tell us...would you wear a naked wedding dress?

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