This Tinder couple could be the greatest love story of our time. But there's a problem.

Almost every email, text message, Facebook message, not-to-mention Tinder message I reply to begins thusly:

“Sorry for the late reply [insert lame, recycled excuse here] but how ARE you?”

I never get it in return. My friends, family, potential dates are good people. They reply promptly and without becoming distracted by the lint stuck on the couch or the piece of cotton coming out of my jumper.

But there’s hope.

One couple in Cleveland, Ohio, who have matched on Tinder have spent a full three years apologising to each other for their respective late replies—without ever meeting.

When everyone says “I can’t believe you’re not taken.” Post continues below.

“Hey sorry my phone died,” Michelle wrote to Josh, two months and eight days after he started the conversation.

“Hey sorry, I was in the shower,” he responded after another two months had passed.


Josh posted screen shots of the exchange to Twitter, with the caption: “One day I’m going to meet this girl and it’s going to be epic.”

Well, duh.

The exchange, which has gone viral, gives all of us late-repliers hope that there’s someone just as hopeless, just as inconsiderate, and just as shameless as ourselves out there… waiting to meet… maybe in three years time. (Depending on the cotton jumper).