Bad-a** grannies are graffitiing the streets of Portugal.

Graffiti is the new bingo, apparently.

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Elderly men and women are taking to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal with spray cans in the name of creativity.

The street art is encouraged and organised by a company called LATA 65, a non-profit group that wants to redefine the stereotypes around age and creativity.

First, there’s a workshop. The students, the bad-ass elderly men and women, create designs from stencils and then flood the run-down parts of the city with their art.

Spray cans meet neglected, forgotten areas of the city, resulting in colourful, wonderful street art.

The organisation’s mission is to reconnect the elderly with “young” people while allowing them to experience some contemporary art.

For more on the company, you can find their website by clicking here and their Facebook here.

Click through the gallery below for photos of the street art. All photos via LATA 65 on Instagram.


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