We asked 10 women: What was the last text you sent your partner?

Be honest. Be really, really honest.

Get out your phone, hit the messages icon and find the last text you sent the love of your life (or the true love of your last three days).

Was it sweet, thoughtful, kind, funny, compassionate, giving? One might say a mirror of your relationship.

Or was it passive aggressive, curt, practical, cold or just a random emoji because you were talking to girlfriends about something really important and the emoji looked as though you cared?

Watch the video below to see the last texts the Mamamia Team received from their partners. Post continues after video.

In our clinically controlled, double blind, basically really, really scientific survey, we found those that had been in long-term relationships tended to have, let’s just say, the more practical texts. You know, the ones about dog arthritis medication and quantities of food needed to feed people.

Of course, there was one rather-pleased-with-themselves texter who mooted the possibility of “Netflix and chill” – after four years of marriage. To that texter: be warned. Look what happened to Seal and Heidi Klum, they were always banging on about how much they loved each other and spent an inordinate amount of time renewing their vows every year.

last text I sent to my partner
Heidi Klum and Seal. Image: Getty.

Anyway, maybe the ones sending the practical texts give love in person. Maybe the ones sending the lovey texts are making up for what they lack in face-to-face communication.

Who are we kidding? “Netflix and chill” beats discussing dishwashing tablets with your partner any day.

What’s the last text you sent your partner?