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Women share the last text they received from their ex.

Somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of your phone, there’s an old thread of messages.

You know the one – the contact name is generally just a string of digits or something along the lines of “Evil bastard”. We’re talking, of course, about the ex thread – or ThreadEx, if you will.

There’s no shame in hanging on to this piece of relationship history. We’ve all done it for one reason or another.

Perhaps you pour over it after half a bottle of pinot, tearfully dissecting each little bubble for clues as to what went wrong. Or maybe it simply serves as a prudent reminder as to why you’re better off now that He/She Who Must Not Be Named is no longer a part of your life.

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Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve even cracked the relationship DaVinci code and are genuinely still buddies – you know, actually staying in touch, hanging’ out, textin’ and such. If so, please start writing a book. Immediately. You have much to teach us.

No matter the motivation, it can be incredibly illuminating to look back on where you drew the line under ThreadEx. When we asked that question, the results ranged from the poignant to strange and even absurdly practical.

So, what about you? Thumb through those threads and let us know, what was the last text you got from your ex?