Last night I reached new heights as a wife and mother.

I am not much of a cook. Not much at all. I am lazy and disorganised in the extreme when it comes to preparing family meals. I've gone through phases of getting it together and following recipes from one of my many cook books and food magazines. But this is not one of those phases.
Slap-dash would best describe my current approach.
Somehow, I have managed to convince my two year old that eating directly out of a can is 'a really special treat'. I'm not entirely sure how that happened but I'm certainly not going to disavow her of that notion.
I am also big on frozen vegetables. Cooked, obviously but from the freezer. I feel far less guilty about this since I read that frozen vegies have virtually the same nutritional benefits as fresh ones. That's a win right there.


So my specialty is frozen peas and corn mixed with canned tuna and rice. If the depression comes? My family's taste buds will be well prepared. Although I may have to downgrade from Italian Sirena Tuna to homebrand.
Last night we didn't have any rice so I cooked some 4-vegie frozen mix (peas! corn! carrot! beans!) and mixed through some canned tuna and served it to my beloved husband. We sat down to eat together.
"You know the best part?" he said after chewing silently for a few minutes. "The fact that it's not even hot. It's luke warm."

"This is true, it's really quite disgusting" I replied. "But the good news is that I think the only way from here is up."

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