DON'T PANIC: Here's five super easy Halloween costumes you can do on the day.

Every parent knows being unprepared for stuff you had no idea was even happening is one of the hardest parts of parenting.

Sports days. Bake sales. Birthday parties. Book Week.

And Halloween

Yep, Halloween is this Wednesday, and if your kid has suddenly changed their mind and decided they do want to go trick or treating, or was invited to go with friends the second the shops closed on Sunday… then I have you sorted.

I asked Mamamia’s parenting group The Motherish how they pull a costume together with no notice or preparation. Most mums said they’d hit up Big W or Kmart. In our house, we bought the Kmart pumpkin plush head last week, and my kid’s been wearing it to do his homework, in preparation for being the Headless Horseman. Of course.

But what if there’s literally not enough time (because you’re at work all day) to do even that?

Here are the best suggestions.

1. Repeat a costume.

My son went as Donald Trump for Book Week. I think we can all agree that would make a perfectly terrifying Halloween costume.


2. Zombie it up. 

Anything, from an old sports uniform, to a formal dress, can be a zombie costume with crazy hair, smudged eyeliner, and some drawn on scars.

3. Coles or Woolies.

You may not have time for a department store detour, but if you have to pop to the shops to grab stuff for dinner anyway, check out their Halloween supplies. This year, both shops have capes and many different Halloween accessories.

Here are some other out-of-the-box ideas that can be pulled together with things you literally have at home – no effort, no expense, just easy.


Breadwinner. Source: Pinterest/Kathryn Wirsing

Perfect for your daughter! Grab one of the medals or ribbons she's got, hand her a loaf of bread, and voilà - costume, as well as a filling snack on the go, sorted.


The skeleton is essentially just about eyeliner. Source: Getty.

The skeleton really only requires black eyeliner - you can even skip the white face paint. Wear all black - or even with normal clothes - it will look like a Halloween-related costume.

Party animal.

Party animals are always up for a party. Source: Getty

Grab an animal mask from their last school play, hand them a leftover party hat or blower from their birthday party, and you will have a very cute party animal on your hands.


Definitely from BC. Source: Pinterest.

No, I don’t mean a mini version of you. I mean an Egyptian mummy. Just grab some bandages from your first aid kit - if you don’t have enough, just do limbs and the top of the head. Bonus is that you’ll also be prepared for emergencies.

PS: Toilet paper would also do.

Sheet ghost.

Old school. Source: Getty.

Use a tablecloth, sheet, or even a pillow case for the little ones. Cut some eyes out so they can see (and breathe), and you have an old-school - but effective, fast, cheap and comfortable, costume.

Good luck, and I hope you get to have a nice walk around the neighbourhood on Wednesday night - before the sugar rush hits!

What are your last minute Halloween costume ideas? Let us know in the comments. 

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