Hey Mia: Why did you laser your face?

Hey Mia’ is the video series that lets you ask Mamamia co-founder Mia Freedman all the questions you’ve always secretly wondered.

Like most things in her life, Mia was upfront about the first laser treatment she had recently.

Posting photos to her Instagram, followers tracked the speckled dots that looked like Milo that developed after a few days, to the (almost) finished result a few days ago.

Today, she answers all the questions you have about her treatment, as well as any questions for those also considering face laser.

Why did you get laser?

Does it hurt?

What does your face look like after The Laser?

When should you get laser?


Who is laser good for?

How many treatments of laser do you need?

Mia attended Melanie Grant Skin at the Double Bay Clinic.

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