Larry Emdur’s Dancing With The Stars game just got very serious.

Larry Emdur Dancing with the Stars

Image: Instagram.

It’s been a year of ‘firsts’ for Larry Emdur. The Morning Show co-anchor has starred on his first Men’s Health cover, signed up for his first appearance on a reality TV show, and now he’s endured his first spray tan.

Emdur stepped into the tanning booth yesterday in preparation for his “terrifying” Dancing With the Stars debut last night, and he seemed rather tickled by the whole process.

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“What tan lines????? First ever spray tan done! In the eyes of the Australia- Asia-Transpacific Federation of Professional Daarrncers Association of Australasia I am now officially a darrrncer,” the 50-year-old captioned his before-after shot on Instagram.

Larry Emdur dancing with the stars
Looking good, Larry


Hey, Channel 7 — if you're looking to rebrand the show, we reckon Darrrrrncing with the Starrrrrs has a nice ring to it.


While the results of Emdur's tan look pretty damn good, we're more intrigued by his, um, unusual preparation method. According to Instagram, the former Celebrity Splash host received some advice courtesy of his DWTS competitor, My Kitchen Rules alumnus Ash Pollard.

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"Thank you Krystal for being so gentle for my first time, and thank you for the tip about rubbing talcum powder into my private parts @ashpollard__  !!!" he wrote.

Hold up... talcum powder? Rubbed into private parts? What's with that? We've heard of exfoliating before a spray tan appointment, but this is something new. Has anyone else tried this? What does it achieve? We want to know more. (Post continues after gallery.)

Unconventional use of talcum powder aside, it seems the tan was a success. More importantly, Emdur didn't suffer a "one Mississippi, two Mississippi" spray booth disaster, a la Ross Gellar.

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Friends fans, that one goes out to you.

While his complexion is good to go, Emdur admitted he felt "horrified, petrified and unqualified" in the lead-up to the show. We're not entirely surprised — he'd declined to appear on all 14 of the show's previous seasons, but they finally got him.

“I’ve never danced, I’ve got no rhythm, I’ve got no timing, I’ve got no dance ability, I’m 50 years old and my knees crack every time I do a twist so I’ve got to put in the hours to keep up with the young pups on the show,” Emdur said over the weekend.

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Recently, the father of two completely overhauled his health and body through a diet and exercise program, so we're sure he's in good physical shape for whatever lies ahead.  (Post continues after video.)

"I'd much rather be at home in a bean bag with pizza watching anybody else do this but me. Anybody," he says in a promotional video.

Don't worry, Larry. We'll take one for the team and ensure we've got a bean bag and a slice of Marghereta on hand while we enjoy your fancy footwork on screen.

Emdur's competitors this season include Emma Freedman, Ash Pollard, model Samantha Harris, John Paul Young, and the first Bachelor, Tim Robards.

Will you be watching Dancing With The Stars this season?