Lara Worthington 2.0 actually hates social media.

Stepping into KIIS FM’s studio this morning with Kyle and Jackie O, Lara Worthington (nee. Bingle, for those who have been asleep for two years) debuted her latest incarnation as designer-clad, married, woman of the world.

Equipped with her famous megawatt smile and signature bob, Lara spoke out about her new life as a businesswoman, mother, wife, and international fancy lady.

The interview with the 28 year-old former model cast some light on her fiercely private world with husband, Sam, and baby boy, Rocket… as well as unveiling her newfound vehemence for the very thing that catapulted her into our lives in the first place: social media.

It wasn’t always closed doors for the Bingle/Worthington camp — just months ago Lara was still revelling in sharing her budding romance. (And bikini body…)

For those mere mortals still trying to keep up here on planet Earth, Mr and Mrs Worthington have long held a dislike for the global paparazzi that have been hounding them since the beginning of their top-secret relationship. From scuffles with the paps (both physical and legal), to fierce accusations towards Sydney photographers of being ‘disgusting’ and ‘paedophiles’ for trying to get shots of their baby son, Lara and Sam have been working hard to keep their private life, private.

But the vitriol has now shifted from invasive paparazzi to, well, everyone else, as Lara this morning took to Kyle and Jackie O’s popular radio segment to blast social media.

When asked by Jackie about The Great Instagram Cull of 2014 (in which Lara deleted all photos of Sam, and Sam deleted his accounts), Lara was quick to explain that social media is like, sooo last year.

“Sam’s just of the generation that’s not really… not on the phone at dinner, he’s very present. And that’s something I’ve become more, which I love.

It’s too much these days. There’s no mystery. I know I keep saying that and probably should go off it, but… I like The Base, and I like doing it for work, and I think that’s really amazing for a company. But personally I think you know, I would never put my son out there.

Some people need the admiration to feel good, and it’s… I don’t think… you know, you should get it from within, and from your family. I think it’s important.”

Now, now, Lara. Whilst we are happy that you’ve settled into a happily private social life, it doesn’t make social media the enemy. There are plenty of well adjusted parents out there who still love to share their life online.

In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Lara doesn’t seem to have forgotten the very public life she used to lead.

“Looking back, I do think of all those mistakes I made, but everyone has a past — mine was just publicised. I was kind of selling my soul on magazine covers: ‘You’re fat/You’re skinny.’

I could say I was naive, but back then I thought I knew what I was doing. You’re young, people can tell you but you don’t listen, so it’s a ticking time bomb.

When I stepped away from it, I realised I didn’t want to be like that. I don’t want to sell my soul, I don’t want to do that.” – Harper’s Bazaar, November 2015 issue.

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It’s a fault of everyone to be quick to denounce the habits or lifestyles we work towards shifting. People who quit smoking can’t wait to point the finger at smokers. People who discover good health love nothing more than preaching the virtues of a ‘clean’ lifestyle. And, invariably, those who have pulled back from the addictive invasiveness of social media are all-too-ready to shame those who are still online.

We agree with Lara on many levels. But we also think that there are many happy, healthy families out there who don’t need to feel ashamed for sharing their family on Instagram or Facebook.

Social media: can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

You can see Lara’s interview with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM, here.