Lara Worthington addresses those pregnancy rumours on Kyle & Jackie O.

Lara Worthington has continued to neither confirm nor deny that she is pregnant.

Appearing on KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O show on Friday morning the model mum said she found the fascination deeply uncomfortable, explaining, “I think being pregnant is such a personal thing for a woman,” before adding, “I just find it weird even talking to you [Kyle  and Jackie] about it.”

Speaking to the controversial breakfast radio hosts for almost 20 minutes, the trio discussed Lara’s life as a mum, living in New York, her continued modelling career and growing cosmetics range, The Base.

She who hides the bump longest laughs last. Source: Instagram.

Pushed on the issue of the rampant pregnancy speculation surrounding Worthington, O asked, "Do you find it an intrusive question to ask?"

Pausing for a moment before answering, Worthington replied, "Sam and I... It should just be between us and our family. So I do find it weird people asking me."

The notoriously private couple, who now spend most of their time living in New York were wed in a private ceremony in 2014 - and no pictures of the event ever having been seen.

They welcomed their first child, a son named Rocket, 13 months ago and rumours that Worthington is now up to five months pregnant with their second child have been circulating for weeks.

Covering a bump or just showing off a side zip? Source: Instagram.

While chatting to the radio hosts, Worthington was reminded that she had previously said she hoped to one day have four children.

Asking if that number had changed since the birth of Rocket, the Aussie model said, "I'd probably..." she stopped, laughing, "yeah maybe not four."


Later adding that parenting is, "just life changing, but the most rewarding thing."

Worthington with son Rocket Zot in a recent Dior campaign. Source: Instagram.

When asked where the name Rocket came from, the star said that it hadn't come from a particular place so much as being "an inspiring name."

In town to receive the InStyle Reader's Choice style award on Thursday night, Worthington also spoke lovingly about her husband to Kyle and Jackie O, saying simply, "he's the best. The best husband, the best father."

"He's my best friend. We're so the same but so different, and having a child has just enhanced that relationship."

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