Watching Lara Worthington build furniture is strangely hypnotic. Soothing, almost.

For most of us, building furniture ends in five ways (none of which involve the furniture actually being built).

There is the red face (from the frustration but also the wine). A hammer or screwdriver out the window (never an allen key ’cause they always get lost). The thing, whatever it is, in pieces around the entire apartment. A screaming match with a significant other. And the resounding understanding: Ikea is the root of all evil.

Not for Lara Worthington. No, for the model and new mum, building furniture is just part of ‘mum life’. And she’s shared a video of how it’s done.

No tears.

No tantrums.

And no wine.

The clip, shared to Instagram, shows the 30-year-old building a cot for her son Racer, one. It’s strangely therapeutic to watch.

It’s calm and rewarding (she actually succeeds in building the bloody thing). And it gives you a feeling that’s similar to finding a Tupperware container which actually has a lid: everything’s in it’s rightful place.

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Watch it, and you’ll understand.

Lara and actor husband Sam Worthington have two kids together, their eldest, Rocket, is two.