Lara Worthington on why she's notoriously private about her children.

If you’re not a celebrity buff, you could be forgiven for forgetting that Lara and Sam Worthington are married and share two children.

The couple, who wed in Melbourne in December 2014 in front of only 10 or so of their closest family and friends, highly value their privacy. As a result, they keep details of their sons’ lives close to their chest, including waiting five months after their second child’s birth to reveal his name.

Never one to be accused of “sharenting”, the closest you’ll get to seeing photos of Rocket Zot, two, and 22-month-old Racer on Lara’s Instagram is a snap of their birthday cakes or footprints in the sand.

Happy 2nd Birthday Rocket Man!

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In a world where gushy parents will often warn followers of “baby spam”, and some famous toddlers (and even not-so-famous ones) have their own social media accounts, the Worthingtons’ approach isn’t the norm.


Shedding light on why she and her actor husband have chosen to go down this very private route, Lara told News Corp’s Stellar magazine that it was a matter of choice: hers, Sam’s and the one her children haven’t been able to make yet.

“It’s definitely a choice. We love our privacy and, for our children, we decided early on to give them as much privacy as we could,” she told interviewer Meg Mason.

“Sometimes our reality is difficult for Rocket and Racer, but we try hard to protect them.”

“That’s our main focus because [our sons] don’t have a choice.”

Lara and Sam Worthington like to keep to themselves. (Source: Getty Images.)

Lara said that when her children were old enough to decide how much of themselves they wanted to share with the world, they could do what they wanted. But until then, she was determined to protect them from embarrassment.


"When they’re my age, what will they want to do? I don’t know, but I never want to embarrass them, or do things they wouldn’t like.

"So protecting them seems the best possible answer."

The 30-year-old added that past experiences also informed this cautious stance.

"And I’ve learnt from past experience that once you put something out there on the internet, it’s there forever."

While Lara is closely guarding those sweet, funny and touching moments with her children that other parents choose to share on social media, she did reveal some details about how they're being raised.

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The model and entrepreneur told Stellar despite the family living in the US, she wants to ensure her sons "will always have a connection to Australia".

"It’s just the little things, like Vegemite, which I travel with anyway," she said.

"I do love the diversity here. Rocket has friends from all different places, and I’m massive on that."

As for Lara herself, she's focussing on finding that elusive work-life balance that all working mums seek.

"Part of it is trying to get advice from different women who seem to have a great work-life balance, and I think that I’m learning how to prioritise," she said.

"I’ve just turned 30, so I’m definitely not ready to drop everything. I get so much fulfilment from working."

Do you admire celebrities who manage to maintain their privacy?