FLUFF: A very famous model has refused all airbrushing. This never happens.



This is just great.

Lara Stone. You may not know her, so let us introduce her. She is a Dutch model. A really, really good one (she even makes the Forbes ‘top-ten earning models’ list). In modelling campaigns, she looks like this:


She’s married to Little Britain star David Walliams, who is also kicking goals as a children’s author. This is David and Lara standing next to each other in a field:


Last year, Lara had a baby boy and took a break from modelling. BUT NOW, she’s back. And impressively, she made her debut in System Magazine completely unairbrushed. Stretch marks, loose skin… she’s still a gorgeous model, but one like we never normally see.

And you know who loved it? Instagram:




Congratulations, Lara. Destroying an unrealistic beauty world, one unairbrushed photo at a time.

Celebrities before and after photoshop:


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