Yes, it's a little late. But here's Lara Bingle's pregnant belly.

Finally gets to post all her pregnant selfies she undoubtedly took.

Now that Lara Bingle doesn’t have to pretend she’s not pregnant when really she is, the fake tan mogul/reality star/owner of world’s best haircut is posting all the pregnant selfies she took when she was in hiding.

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We can imagine it was tough for someone who has made a living from her appearance to suddenly stop uploading selfies and bikini shots for close to nine months. We’re guessing Bingle has approximately eight million selfies in her iPhone gallery of her growing baby bump from a variety of angles, locations and filters.

Here is the first:

28 weeks pregnant in London.

A photo posted by Lara Bingle Worthington (@mslbingle) on

Bingle never officially confirmed her pregnancy until after her baby was born on March 24. The 27-year-old instead more-or-less went into hiding with her husband, paparazzi puncher Sam Worthington, in New York. In fact, none of us have seen much of their son, Rocket Zot, except for paparazzi photos and an artistic shot of some feet that were possibly/maybe/probably not just taken from the Internet.

Speaking of that Bingle/Worthington/paparazzi incident, here’s the video. Post continues after video.

Maybe next week, if it fits with Bingle’s ‘social media photo release’ plan, we’ll get a side-on shot of her bump at 36 weeks. Oh, we should be so lucky.

Click through the gallery below for photos of Bingle and Worthington (not Rocket Zot).

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