Lara Worthington showed us her wedding ring months ago. You just missed it.

The ever elusive Lara Worthington has done it again. She showed us a beautiful shot of her wedding ring in August this year, but many of us looked past it.

There’s never been a better time for us to say, ‘I told you so’, because we picked it and wrote about it here.

Worthington posted a photo to her Instagram account in August of an image promoting her Lara Bingle, The Base Cream, and also showing off a new shiny Cartier ring SITTING ON HER RING FINGER.

Here it is in all it's shiny glory. Image @laraworthington Instagram.

Of course, this photo appeared before she'd actually admitted to being married. But we new it Worthington, we're on to you.

The ring has been seen most recently when the 28-year-old stepped out at Sydney's Bondi Junction to promote her bronzing line, The Base as a part of the I Am Beautiful: 4 Days Of Beauty event.

Bondi Junction Westfield posted this photo of Worthington to their Instagram account - and you can (just) see the ring on her finger.

Lara Bingle with her wedding ring on. Image via @westfieldbondijunction Instagram.

Can you see it?

The ring - closer. Image via @westfieldbondijunction Instagram.

There's also this one, from five weeks ago...

See the bling ring? Image via @laraworthington Instagram.

Now scroll up and compare. They're all gold. They're all Cartier. They're all sitting on her ring finger. They are all her wedding ring from her wedding to Sam Worthington. We found it in August.

So guys, for the best view of that bling bling - just stare endlessly at the finger on 'The Base' cream (up the top of the post).

It's beautiful.

Did you pick it back in August?

TAP THE IMAGE for the gallery below to see more pictures of Worthington...

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