FLUFF: Lara Bingle accidentally posts a really naughty photo.

Oh, Lara.

Dear, sweet, silly Lara Bingle.

The professionally beautiful bikini designer has just posted a photo of her glorious face on Instagram. It’s covered in sunscreen and it comes with the caption “Slip, slop, slap”.

But, ah, look, um, hey, um, here’s the thing. Many astute commenters have pointed out that the white substance on her face doesn’t necessarily look like sunscreen.

Here. Use this “sunscreen” selfie as a test for your filthy, filthy mind. When you look at this photo of Lara, do you think “Rub your sunscreen in, babe” or do you think… “Wow, that does NOT look sunscreen.”

Look, at least she didn’t put “Photo credit: Sam Worthington” on this one, like she often does when he takes the photo.

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