So... is Lara Bingle pregnant?

No really though, is she?

Everyone’s saying Lara is with child. Is she with child? Because that child would be very beautiful and very lucky…

An “insider” and “close source” has “revealed” that Lara, 27, and her roguishly handsome actor boyfriend Sam Worthington have told their families about the impending infant.

The couple have been dating since September last year. They splashed around on a romantic holiday in Hawaii last month, and Lara Bingle showed off her amazing… tan (ok, boobs). The size of her… tan… sparked rumours about pregnancy.

Whether or not Lara has a bun in her Bingle oven, we do not know for sure. We do know, however:

a) The Aussie parents will make a gorgeous baby, and if they are pregnant, it’s great news.

b) If Lara just has an ACTUAL bun in her oven… that’s great news too.

Potentially parents. Definitely gorgeous.

Classic Lara. The ad that started it all:

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