Lara Worthington shares her first baby bump photo, two months after giving birth.

She might’ve given birth to her tiny boy some two months ago, but Lara Worthington (née Bingle) has only just shared a snap of her pregnancy.

On Instagram (where else?) the 29-year-old model and businesswoman posted a photo of her once burgeoning belly, captioning the image “The day of”.

The day of.

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The day of what, Lara Bingle?! The day of what?!

How very mysterious.

We’re gonna guess she’s talking about the day she popped and welcomed her second son with husband Sam Worthington into the world.

Two weeks after the October birth, Lara told Marie Claire that the baby boy’s name won’t be announced for some time.

“We are just focused on enjoying this special time together, and settling into a new routine,” she said.

“Some days I’m overwhelmed thinking, ‘How am I going to do it all?’ Running a business with two babies under two is not going to be easy. But I’ve learnt to step back, breathe and prioritise.

“Sam and I will share the routines with our newborn so that Rocket still gets one-on-one time with both of us. We’re a little team.”

Did you take a long time to announce your baby’s name?