Lara Bingle isn't called Lara Bingle any more.

Lara Bingle, the queen of cryptic messages has just sent her Instagram followers in to a frenzy. A name induced frenzy.

Because Lara Bingle is not called Lara Bingle any more. The Australian personality has just officially (on social media) changed her name.

Lara 'Bingle' has a new name. Image via @laraworthington Instagram.

To what?

Wait for it - hold on to your hats - her name is now officially (according to Instagram) Lara Worthington.

The first photo after the name change, where all her followers flipped out, was this one.

Lara and Sam in Turkey. Image via @laraworthington Instagram.

Yep, the 28-year-old has officially changed her Instagram name to Lara Worthington, suggesting that she has taken her husband, Sam Worthington's last name.

This comes not long after Lara gave birth to baby Rocket Zot, who was born in March. The birth announcement was full of cryptic messages too. But was made official in May.

Rocket Zot's feet. Image via @laraworthington Instagram.

Lara only admitted to being married to Sam in March this year. They had a secret wedding that no one really knew about for a long time.

And now the new mum has told the world that she has taken her hubbys name. Well, we guess we'll say welcome to the world Lara Worthington.

Lara and Sam Worthingon. Image via @laraworthington Instagram.

We'll miss LB, but are excited to see what LW has in store.

What do you think about changing your name after marriage?

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