Those rumours about Sam and Lara just got real.

Told you.

Over Christmas, Lara Bingle changed her name on her instagram account.

Which basically caused everyone to freak out wanting to know if it was a prank, or they had truely missed the wedding?

Well, it turns out, you missed the wedding.

A source "close to Lara Bingle" confirmed the wedding with WHO.

“They married between Christmas and New Year in a very intimate ceremony. They wanted it to be small and simple.”

Lara also posted an E.E. Cummings love poem to her instagram account, which drove people even more crazy.

Via Lara's instagram.

So where was the wedding?

The source says it wasn't in the Maldives (as previously thought) but won't go into specifics. Just that Lara's family was there.

But there was another guest.

Their soon-to-be-born baby.

Yes, that's right. They aren't only married. They are also expecting. And they are already at the 7-month mark.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether she's pregnant for several months. And WHO's source just confirmed it.

“They wanted to be husband and wife before the baby’s arrival.”

This is too much for a Friday, but, congrats Lara and Sam.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see pictures that could possibly be their honeymoon/babymoon from Lara's instagram account:

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