This video of Lara Bingle at the gym is refreshingly real.

Where the bloody hell are ya? (The gym, apparently)

After giving birth in March, model and fake tan entrepreneur Lara Bingle has emerged from her post-natal den and decided to go to a gym.

How do we know this? The same way we know anything about Bingle‘s life – Instagram, obviously. Bingle, 27, uploaded a video of herself exercising at her gym with a trainer/spotter/whatever they’re called.

“Feels good to be back,” she captioned the video. It’s in black and white and shot from the back, but she’s standing in front of a mirror so we can see her work out face (still beautiful, but there you go).

Feels good to be back ?

A video posted by Lara Bingle Worthington (@mslbingle) on

But the best, most refreshing part of this video is hearing Bingle’s trainer ask her for ‘just five more’ and she says: ‘OH SHIT!’. You can take the girl out of Australia, but you can’t take the Aussie out of the girl…

Props to you, Bingle. You are all of us when we’re at the gym. Except better looking. But otherwise, just the same (right?).

Click through the gallery below for more shit-hot photos of Lara Bingle.

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