Lara Bingle has an undeniable baby bump. FINALLY.

Is Lara Bingle pregnant?


Bingle and Worthington: Parents-to-be.

Lara has been pictured with an undeniable baby bump, finally confirming that she is officially pregnant to official Aussie actor husband Sam Worthington.

Reports of the pregnancy have been going since July. Lots of “insiders” and “trusted sources” gave lots of “revelations” to the media — but finally, it has actually been pictured now on the cover of OK magazine:

Judging by those photos, it looks like the appearance of baby Worthington-Bingle isn’t far away, either.

The ‘Bingle baby’ rumours started when the couple (and Lara’s particularly bountiful bosoms) took a romantic holiday in Hawaii in August 2014.

Then, three weeks ago, Who magazine reported Bingle was already seven months along and was due in March.

Little baby Bingleton (or Worthingle? We’re just workshopping, guys) will be blessed with some seriously good-looking genes. Lara, 27, and Avatar star Sam, 38, met in 2012 through mutual friend Natalie Imbruglia, however the whirlwind romance began in September 2013 when the pair were reunited in New York.

They are now understood to be married: Lara changed her Instagram name to Lara Bingle Worthington in December and shared an Instagram image of a poem that’s a favourite at weddings: I Carry Your Heart by E.E. Cummings, is a classic wedding favourite.

The couple may base themselves in the USA for work, but that baby has two Aussie parents, so we’ll be sending it some Vegemite, some Uggies and a mini prawn on a barbecue.

Congratulations to a gorgeous couple.

Classic Lara. The ad that started it all:

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