She's shared her pregnancy shots, now Lara Bingle has revealed her new hair.

Image via Instagram (@larabingleworthington)

Lara Bingle likes to do things differently.

Unlike most celebrities, she refrained from posting any bump pictures on social media during her pregnancy, prompting many to ask “where the bloody hell is it?” while attempting to decipher her cryptic captions.

In fact, it was only after the birth of her son Rocket Zot with husband Sam Worthington in March, that any pregnancy pictures were shared.

Now Bingle has revealed her latest post-baby hair change. (Post continues after gallery.)

It’s not a post-baby body reveal (thank goodness). It’s not even an update on her bub. No, the post-baby change that has us excited is Lara Bingle’s bob update.

The Base founder has traded her now infamous “lob” into a jawbone hugging bob.

From lob to bob: Bingle's new post-baby haircut. Image via Instagram (@larabingleworthington)

The 27 year old posted a photo of her shorter bob on Instagram, wearing minimal makeup and her signature flipped over fringe on board a private jet and with the caption: "Early morning flight, Thanks for my haircut @travisbalcke."

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Private jet aside, the desire to keep things simple and easy by opting for the chop after giving birth is something every mother can identify with, especially given all the post-partum hair changes than can occur including hair loss, changing colour and texture.

Lara Bingle posts a pregnancy picture after the birth of Rocket Zot. Image via Instagram.

Fashion blogger Kate Waterhouse recently spoke about her desire to cut all her hair off after the birth of her daughter Sophia, and although she ended up deciding against it, said it was a often a practical move made by mums.

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"The last few years I've had my hair quite a bit shorter, and after having Sophia (I think a lot of mums will agree with me here!) I found it really hard to find the time to get my haircut," she wrote.

It's no secret that we've long-lusted after Bingle's hair, right through from her early beach hair to the balayage days. (Post continues after gallery.)

She was one of the first celebrities to wear the tousled long bob that sparked the lob craze that still dominates today.

And damn it, Bingle, you've done it again with the obligatory post-baby hair change.

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Did you change your hair after giving birth?