Could Lancome's Grandiôse be the greatest wand of all time?

When you work in the beauty industry, it’s amazing how frequently you’re introduced to mascaras that are described as “game-changing breakthrough innovations”.

And it’s amazing how difficult it is for a layperson to detect any difference in formulation or brush head shape. It’s not that there isn’t any difference, it’s just that non-beauty obsessives just don’t think about mascara that much.

This is why it pleases me to tell you that with  Lancome’s Grandiôse mascara you are going to notice a great big difference.

And that difference is the wand. It’s bent into a curvy ‘swan neck’ shape, which makes it so, so much easier to use than other mascaras. Makeup artists have been manually bending their mascara wands at an angle for years, but this mascara formalises the technique.

In order to accommodate the new curvy wand, the bottle is a funny, rounded shape, and you have to pull the wand out in a spiral motion. It must have been a logistical  drama to engineer, but the pay-off is huge. You can get the brush right in close to your lash-line, with no fear of smudging, or poking yourself in the eye.

As for the formula, it does the trick. Here I am wearing it on one eye only.

Game changing innovation does not come cheap. Lancome Grandiôse Mascara retails for $54 and is available nationally at David Jones.  But if you have a cool fiddy-bucks to spend on mascara, you should probably make it this one.

Would you give this mascara a try?

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