The three items you need to buy this season, according to celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson.

Name an Australian celebrity and stylist Lana Wilkinson has probably dressed them.

Megan Gale? Yep. Rebecca Judd? Definitely. Ashley Hart, Nadia Bartel, Isabel Lucas, Made in Chelsea‘s Millie Mackintosh… yes, the list goes on.

Whether it’s putting unexpected outfit combinations together or predicting the next big thing, Wilkinson knows her stuff – so when she tells you to buy a bomber jacket, you listen. We spoke to the fashion guru about the key pieces for the season, the ultimate capsule wardrobe and why you should never be afraid to break the style ‘rules’.

What are some big international trends we can expect to see in the upcoming season?

“In the shoe department, loafers and mules are heading to our shores in a big way. In terms of outfits, the ‘slip dress’ is here to stay. With the likes of H&M, TopShop and Uniqlo, Australians now have further access to affordable, international fashion right on our door steps and can pick up the latest in global fashion trends.

“Right now, it’s all about the ’90s, so wear your slip dress over your T-shirt AND channel your inner 90210. Sport a choker, fine jewellery is on the way out.”

What are the three key items we should be buying?

“The bomber jacket from TopShop, the statement bow mule, $189.95 from Wittner and denim anything (shirts, jeans, jacket) from H&M.”

Image: Topshop/Wittner

What's your trick to transeasonal dressing?

"For me it’s all about classic pieces in white, black and grey. Timeless colours that never date in classics – not trend pieces. That is, have a great blazer, denim jeans, white shirt and a quality knit."

You've dressed some of the world's most glamorous women - what's the one universal style tip you give them all?

"Make sure that your style and fashion choices reflect who you are. When styling Pacific Werribee ambassador and TV presenter Lauren Phillips, she is a busy woman who juggles work, social, travel, family and friends. So when I styled her outfits, I needed to be able to take her from day to night but also reflect her love of fashion and the season’s must haves – the bomber, the jumpsuit and the ruffle dress. This is the thinking I employ with all my clients."


Watch: Lauren Phillips shares her go-tos. Post continues after video.

Do you believe there should be "rules" when it comes to style?

"At the end of the day, style is used as a form of self-expression, which has the power to boost confidence and ultimately empower you. I believe in celebrating personal style rather than dictating how shoppers should dress."

What are the five staple items you believe every woman should own?

- A black blazer

- A little black dress

- A killer pair of heels

- Invest in a good pair of denim jeans

- A statement bag

What do you think differentiates "Aussie" style?

"I think we are comfortable in our skin and whilst we follow trends we are more relaxed in our approach. This varies state by state, but we are confident in what we wear and I think that’s why so many international guests who visit our country love ‘’AUSSIES’’ – we are down to earth."

What's your go-to outfit on days when you're feeling "bleurgh" and you need a confidence boost?

"Our recent campaign with Lauren Phillips was all about Go-To outfits. Starting from the bottom you can’t go wrong with a good pair of black boots, a pair of wet look jeans (Decjuba and Topshop have some great pairs at the moment), a light blue and white striped shirt (my go-to for casuals is anything from Seed Heritage) and finally a long line coat, preferably one with gold detail buttons. Easy to throw on and chic."

What is the one item you should save on and the one you should splurge on?

"Save on a bomber jacket from TopShop or H&M. Splurge on quality leather jacket from Seed Heritage or General Pants Co, a good leather jacket goes with any outfit and will last forever."

Image: Instagram/@lanawilkinson.

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