Lady Amelia Windsor is the young royal you've probably never heard of.

It’s time to ignore your inner republican for a moment because there’s a new royal causing a stir on social media and it’s not Prince George (bless his tiny shorts).

She’s 21, an up-and-coming model and although 35 people would have to pass for her to be crowned our new queen, we’re a little enamoured with her.

Introducing Lady Amelia Lester, who Tatler recently described as “the most beautiful member of the royal family”.

Can you say, “phwoar”?


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The youngest child of Earl of St Andrews George Windsor and Dr. Sylvana Tomaselli (George being the eldest son of the Queen’s first cousin Prince Phillip), Lady Amelia is in her second year of studying French and Italian at the University of Edinburgh.

Her mum is a historian at the Univeristy of Cambridge, so it’s no surprise she has brains.

She’s also signed to modeling agency Storm, the same as UK fashion royalty Kate Moss, and has rather an enviable Instagram presence – not to mention wardrobe.


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Despite not having a driver’s license, she’s also managed to rack up an impressive number of stamps on her passport, which means her profile is jam-packed with glamourous travel pics and well worth a scroll.

“[Instagram] allows anyone to be creative and imaginative,” she told Miss Vogue in a January profile.

“I also love that we can share all the beautiful and meaningful things we see and hear in the world. I find it so inspiring and uplifting.”


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The young royal recently visited Morocco and is hoping to visit her sister in New York soon, having never been to the US.

She also told Miss Vogue her favourite comedian is Dylan Moran, aka Bernard from Black Books – sounds like a girl after our own hearts, really.

Feature image: Instagram